Whiskey Bar (Kitchen) is open.

As of Memorial Day, May 25, we are now open for outdoor seating, limited dine-in, and we are taking to-go orders.



Candy sweetness (olde time candy shop), caramel, vanilla salt water taffy, grainy sweetness and toffee threaten to make this an overly sweet whiskey. Thankfully some lighter notes of nuts, dark fruit leather, spice and earth come to the rescue and balance it out.


Caramel, grainy sweetness, vanilla salt water taffy, toffee, banana, apricot, nuts and light notes of spice, cocoa and an earthy herbal essence (not the shampoo). Like the nose if it weren’t for those lighter notes it would have been fairly one dimensional, so it’s a good thing they showed up to help right this otherwise sweets laden ship.


Long and nutty with notes of caramel, spice, cocoa, and dried fruit.