Whiskey Bar (Kitchen) will not be reopening on Monday April 27th.

While we are all ready to get back to work and see everyone, the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. We will keep posting updates as things unfold. Thank you for your continued support of Whiskey Bar (Kitchen) and all of the local businesses. We cannot wait to see everyone when it is safe to do so!

Bulleit 10yr


Cherries and rye come skipping out of the glass with caramel, some overripe dark fruit, buttery toffee, oak and a mild citrus drifting in behind them. It’s a very pleasant aroma.


On the palate the notes flip around a bit with the rye and wood leading the procession of dark fruit, caramel, citrus, cinnamon, leather and a hint of vanilla. Again, it’s very pleasant and being rather similar to the Four Roses Small Batch it’s hard not to like it.


It has a long woody finish that is punctuated with notes of rye, pepper and caramel coffee syrup.
Bulleit 10yr